Today’s Carpet Trends: What To Look Out For


Today's Carpet TrendsJust what exactly are today’s carpet trends? Clearly knowing what is in fashion is going to be a good idea as it does mean that at least your room is going to be up to date and not lagging behind thanks to something that cannot exactly be avoided. Keeping that in mind, you should be absolutely fine if you buy a carpet with any of the following looks.

First, when it comes to the overall flooring style, then the trend is for the carpet to be quite bold without it being too over the top and dominating. This does not have to mean that you are struck by a number of colors and the carpet just leaps out at you, but instead look at bold stripes, checks, or blocks of color to make a statement rather than something that just simply looks a mess. When choosing the pattern, it does make sense to look at the room it will be going into as you will tend to find that larger stripes or larger checks are of course better suited to the bigger rooms in the house or they will be too overpowering.

Next, the colors are of course going to be extremely important and as you might expect after the previous paragraph the colors in style right now are also very bold. At this moment you will notice that there are shades of carpets out there that come in a rich red color or a lovely chocolate brown as well as various shades of blue and the idea is for them to be quite strong and to really make a statement. The color you choose may also depend upon the room it will be going into as richer tones are normally seen in public rooms such as the dining room or lounge whereas softer tones are normally kept for the bedroom.

Finally, it is worth looking at the current trend when it comes to the texture as there is no doubt that this can really help to bring the carpet alive especially when you are using a neutral color carpet as you do need something to just make it pop out a bit more. Right now the trend for textured carpet is for it to either have chunky bobbles or the more traditional herringbone design, but one piece of advice is not to have this type of carpet in a room where people are likely to eat food as the texture makes getting stains out an absolute nightmare.

So those are today’s carpet trends, but of course the main thing is that you end up buying a carpet that you do not only love right now, but know you will love for the foreseeable future since you are the one that has to live with it. A carpet is a great choice for flooring and as long as you keep it clean it can last for a long time and with so many types available on a wide range of budgets there is no reason to doubt that you will be unable to get one that looks perfect in your home.

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