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keurig coffee makerEach K-Cup, an American brewing system from Keurig, prepares the option of more than 250 ranges of iced and hot brews. The most popular systems are available in a variety of colours and are able to brew in about a minute. These K-Cup systems are intended to make a single cup of brew, hot chocolate or tea. The coffee grounds are contained in a K-Cup set you can buy here.

Most people are crazy when it comes to their favourite brew. They just seize their beaker out from the coffee brewer, first thing in the morning, the minute in the kitchen. Yet there are some that are always searching for a cup of brew that remains hot for a longer period. Nespresso a Nestle product is one such brewer that uses modern advanced technology for its appliances Nespresso capsules are created for its coffee systems that make espressos and various different coffee beverages.

These diverse and selected flavours well known as Grands Crus, are separated into five vital categories depending on the Nespresso capsules flavours. However, a little sample pack is provided with every first purchase of a Nespresso system. With these newly purchased machines, a lot of coffee drinkers would like increasing their taste buds by sampling other flavours or trying out recently introduced flavour combos.

As a universal pioneer, Nespresso has clearly redefined the way for brew lovers to enjoy their favourite cup of Nespresso coffee through an exclusive grouping of the finest quality Grands Crus brews, trendy brewers and excellent client services. Nespresso, a product of the Nestlé Nespresso S.A., a functional entity of the Nestlé Group, Switzerland, brews espresso from aluminium made one – time use coffee capsules of coffee grinds and aromas.

Moreover, sixteen Nespresso capsules varieties known as Grands Crus, are available. These indicate the strength of the aroma and not the quantity of caffeine the brew contains. They are put into four categories viz:- Decaffeinatos, Espressos, Pure Origine and Lungos. A brief description of Pure Origine is as below:-

  • Indriya – It’s a combination of Arabica with Robusta sourced from South India. It has a spicy flavour and is a powerful espresso.
  • Rosabaya de Columbia – Is a blend of independently fine roasted Columbian Arabicas. Has a characteristic fruity and winey taste.
  • Dulsao do Brazil –Pure Arabica brew roasted separately for an elegant balanced satiny sweet aroma.
  • Bukeela ka Ethiopia – Delectably flowery pure origin brews with a wild musky, wood-like taste.

Concealed within every Nespresso capsule are the most excellent brews on the planet. These are blended, roasted and ground by coffee specialists with the greatest skill. The pods or capsules are completely safe from the heat, air, moisture and sunlight, with tightly sealed plastic covers. This ensures that the freshly ground brew stays fresh for a long period by preventing oxidation. With each capsule distinguished by its unique colour, the Grands Crus desired can be easily identified.

So, making a wonderful espresso, with a perfect quality creamy thick top, is the knack of baristas. This skill is mastered by the Nespresso systems.

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