ACM International Conference on
Multimedia Retrieval,
Hong Kong, Jun. 5 - 8, 2012


Technical Program:

Program at a glance:
(CMC: Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, City University of Hong Kong; Hotel: Kowloon Shangri-La)
Venue CMC Hotel Hotel (AM); CMC (PM) Hotel
Date June 5 (Tue) June 6 (Wed) June 7 (Thur) June 8 (Fri)
Main Conference
Main Conference
Day-3: Main Conference /
Practitioner Day
08:30am   Registration
08:45am Registration Welcome Registration Registration
09:00am Tutorial 1 & 2 Keynote-1 Keynote-2 Keynote-3
10:00am Coffee Break Coffee Break Boaster Session (Demo)
10:20am Coffee Break Oral 1 Oral 4 Coffee Break & Demo Setup
10:40am   Annotation and Machine Learning and Demo Session
11:00am   Classification Hashing for Multimedia
11:20am     Retrieval  
12:00pm   Lunch Lunch Lunch
1:00pm     Bus departs at 1pm  
1:20pm     to CMC, CityU  
1:40pm   Oral 2 Best Paper Session Industrial Sessions
2:00pm Tutorial 1 & 3 Near-duplicate and "Liang An San Di"
2:20pm   Copy Detection    Perspective
3:20pm Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break
3:40pm   Special Session 1 Special Session 2 Panel Discussion
4:00pm   Social Events in Socio-Video Semantics "Where is the user in
4:20pm   Web Multimedia    Multimedia Retrieval?"
4:40pm   Closing Ceremony
5:00pm   Oral 3 Poster Session  
5:20pm   Fresh Views on
5:40pm   Multimedia Retrieval  
7:30pm   Reception:
The Kowloon Room,
Kowloon Shangri-La
House of Canton,
LG2-40, Festival Walk

Detailed program:
Keynote-1: Cortically-Coupled Computing for Media Retrieval (Paul Sajda, Columbia University)
Session Chair: Alan Smeaton (Dublin City University)
Keynote-2: Aggregating Local Image Descriptors for Large-scale Image Retrieval and Classification (Cordelia Schmid, INRIA)
Session Chair: Yong Rui (Microsoft)
Keynote-3: The Road to Pervasive Multimedia Search and Multimodal Interaction (Hsiao-Wuen Hon, Microsoft Research Asia)
Session Chair: Qing Li (City University of Hong Kong)
Best Paper Session
Chair: Chong-Wah Ngo (City University of Hong Kong)
32 High-Confidence Near-Duplicate Image Detection. (best paper candidate)
Wei Dong, Zhe Wang, Kai Li
155 Beyond Audio and Video Retrieval: Towards Multimedia Summarization. (best paper candidate)
Duo Ding, Florian Metze, Shourabh Rawat, Peter Schulam, Susanne Burger, Ehsan Younessian, Lei Bao, Mike Christel, Alex Hauptmann
23 Name that sculpture. (best paper candidate)
Relja Arandjelovic, Andrew Zisserman
86 Fusing Concept Detection and Geo Context for Visual Search. (best paper candidate)
Xirong Li, Cees Snoek, Marcel Worring, Arnold W.M. Smeulders
Oral 1: Annotation and Classification
Chair: Benard Merialdo (Eurecom France)
123 Multi-Modal Region Selection Approach for Training Object Detectors.
Elisavet Chatzilari, Spiros Nikolopoulos, Yiannis Kompatsiaris, Josef Kittler
7 Classification based Group Photo Retrieval with Bag of People Features.
Kazuya Shimizu, Yujiro Nakai, Naoko Nitta, Noboru Babaguchi
63 SUPER: Towards Real-time Event Recognition in Internet Videos.
Yu-Gang Jiang
168 All Vehicles are Cars: Subclass Preferences in Container Concepts.
Daan Vreeswijk, Koen E.A. van de Sande, Cees Snoek, Arnold W.M. Smeulders
Oral 2: Near-duplicate and Copy Detection
Chair: Clement Chia (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore)
75 Security-Oriented Picture-In-Picture Visual Modifications.
Thanh-Toan Do, Laurent Amsaleg, Ewa Kijak, Teddy Furon
80 Efficient Video Copy Detection via Aligning Video Signature Time Series.
Jennifer Ren, Fangzhe Chang, John Zhang, Thomas Wood
92 Bayesian approach for near-duplicate image detection.
Lucas Bueno, Eduardo Valle, Ricardo Torres
91 Constrained Keypoint Quantization: Towards Better Bag-of-Words Model for Large-scale Multimedia Retrieval.
Yang Cai, Wei Tong, Linjun Yang, Alex Hauptmann
Oral 3: Fresh Views on Multimedia Retrieval
Chair: Marcel Worring (University of Amsterdam)
38 Content is Still King: The Effect of Neighbor Voting Schemes on Tag Relevance for Social Image Retrieval.
Ba Quan Truong, Aixin Sun, Sourav Bhowmick
Simone Santini
99 Analysing Facebook Features to Support Event Detection for Photo-Based Facebook Applications.
Mohamad Rabbath, Philipp Sandhaus, Susanne Boll
135 Watching and Talking: Media Content as Social Nexus.
David Shamma, Lyndon Kennedy, Elizabeth Churchill
Oral 4: Machine Learning and Hashing for Multimedia Retrieval
Chair: Yiannis Kompatsiaris (CERTH-ITI Greece)
26 Ordinal Preserving Projection: A Novel Dimensionality Reduction Method for Image Ranking.
Changsheng Li, Yan Liu, Qingshan Liu, jing Liu, Changsheng Xu, Hanqing Lu
133 Compact Hashing for Mixed Image-Keyword Query over Multi-Label Images.
Xianglong Liu, Yadong Mu, Bo Lang, Shih-Fu Chang
156 Hamming Embedding Similarity-based Image Classification.
Mihir Jain, Rachid Benmokhtar, Patrick Gros, Hervé Jegou
76 Exploring Two Spaces With One Feature: Kernelized Multidimensional Modeling of Visual Alphabets.
Miriam Redi, Bernard Merialdo
Special Session 1: Social Events in Web Multimedia
Chair: Benoit Huet (Eurecom France)
22 Social Event Detection and Retrieval in Collaborative Photo Collections.
Markus Brenner, Ebroul Izquierdo
73 Event-based Classification of Social Media Streams.
Timo Reuter, Philipp Cimiano
113 Social Event Detection using Multimodal Clustering and Integrating Supervisory Signals.
Georgios Petkos, Symeon Papadopoulos, Yiannis Kompatsiaris
Special Session 2: Socio-Video Semantics
Chair: Yu-Gang Jiang (Fudan University, China)
56 Linking Visual Concept Detection with Viewer Demographics. (best paper candidate)
Adrian Ulges, Markus Koch, Damian Borth
107 Cross-Modal Categorisation of User-Generated Video Sequences.
Sebastian Schmiedeke, Pascal Kelm, Thomas Sikora
147 Making a Scene: Alignment of Complete Sets of Clips based on Pairwise Audio Match.
Kai Su, Mor Naaman, Avadhut Gurjar, Mohsin Patel, Dan Ellis
Poster Session
Chairs: Keiji Yanai (University of Electro-Communications), Yan Liu (The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
2 Visual Pattern Discovery for Architecture Image Classification and Product Image Search.
Wei-Ta Chu, Ming-Hung Tsai
3 Learning to Summarize Web Image and Text Mutually.
Piji Li, Jun Ma, Shuai Gao
8 An Extensible Personal Photograph Collection for Graded Relevance Assessments and User Simulation.
David Zellhöfer
Yun-Sheng Wang, Harry Wechsler
13 Contour Canonical Form: An Efficient Intrinsic Embedding Approach to Matching Non-rigid 3D Objects.
Xu-Lei Wang, Hongbin Zha
17 Semiconducting Bilinear Deep Learning for Incomplete Image Recognition.
Shenghua ZHONG, Yan Liu, Fu-lai Chung, Gangshan Wu
19 Color CENTRIST: A Color Descriptor for Scene Categorization.
Wei-Ta Chu, Chih-Hao Chen.
24 Video Retrieval by Mimicking Poses.
Nataraj Jammalamadaka, Andrew Zisserman, Marcin Eichner, Vittorio Ferrari, Jawahar C. V.
30 Multi-Graph Multi-Instance Learning for Object-Based Image and Video Retrieval.
Fei Li, Rujie Liu
41 Efficient Graffiti Image Retrieval.
Chunlei Yang, Pak Chung Wong, William Ribarsky, Jianping Fan
46 Joint-Rerank: A Novel Method for Image Search Reranking.
Gang Wang, Xin-Shun Xu
55 Multimodal Feature Generation Framework for Semantic Image Classification.
Amel ZNAIDIA, Aymen Shabou, Adrian Popescu, Herve Le Borgne, Celine Hudelot
61 Joint Audio-Visual Bi-Modal Codewords for Video Event Detection.
Guangnan Ye, I-Hong Jhuo, Dong Liu, Yu-Gang Jiang, Shih-Fu Chang
64 ImageTerrier: An extensible platform for scalable high-performance image retrieval.
Jonathon Hare, Sina Samangooei, David Dupplaw, Paul Lewis
67 Indexing Media by Personal Events.
Javier Paniagua, Ivan Tankoyeu, Julian Stöttinger, Fausto Giunchiglia
68 Labelset Anchored Subspace Ensemble (LASE) for Multi-label Annotation.
Tianyi Zhou, Dacheng Tao
94 Distributed KNN-Graph approximation via Hashing Mohamed Riadh Trad, Alexis Joly, Nozha Boujemaa
114 Deriving Discriminative Color Model for a Given Object Class from Weakly Labeled Training Data.
Christian Ries, Rainer Lienhart
115 Quantity versus Quality – The role of layout complexity in thumbnail based video retrieval interfaces.
Wolfgang Hürst, Dimitri Darzentas
132 Geo-based Automatic Image Annotation.
Hatem Mousselly Sergieh, Mario Döller, Elod Egyed-Zsigmond, gabriele Gianini, Harald Kosch, Jean-Marie Pinon
136 Boosting Saliency Detection with Robust Temporal Alignment and Local-Global Spatial Contrast.
Zhixiang Ren, Liang-Tien Chia, deepu Rajan
138 Discovering Inherent Event Taxonomies from Social Media Collections.
Minh Son Dao, Giulia Boato, Francesco De Natale
139 Advanced shape context for plant species identification using leaf image retrieval.
Sofiene Mouine, Itheri Yahiaoui, Anne Verroust-Blondet
149 Classifier-specific Intermediate Representation for Multimedia Tasks.
Zhigang Ma, Yi Yang, Alex Hauptmann, Nicu Sebe
152 Multimodal Knowledge-based Analysis in Multimedia Event Detection.
Ehsan Younessian, Teruko Mitamura, Alex Hauptmann
154 Large Vocabulary Quantization for Searching Instances from Videos.
Cai-Zhi ZHU, Shin'ichi Satoh
157 A Visual Approach for Video Geocoding using Bag-of-Scenes.
Otavio Penatti, Lin Li, Jurandy Almeida, Ricardo Torres
160 A RELIEF-Based Modality Weighting Approach for Multimodal Information Retrieval.
161 Supervised Dictionary Learning for Music Information Retrieval.
Chin-Chia Yeh, Yi-Hsuan Yang
170 Image Retrieval Using Multimodal Fusion based on Matrix Factorization.
Juan Caicedo, Fabio González
Demo Session
Chairs: Yiannis Kompatsiaris (CERTH-ITI Greece), Cees Snoek (University of Amsterdam)
9 nepDroid: An Intelligent Mobile Music Player.
Sebastian Huber, Markus Schedl, Peter Knees
21 One Size Does Not Fit All – Multimodal Search on Mobile and Desktop Devices with the I-SEARCH Search Engine.
Thomas Steiner, Lorenzo Sutton, Sabine Spiller, Marilena Lazzaro, Francesco Nucci, Vincenzo Croce, Alberto Massari, Antonio Camurri, Anne Verroust-Blondet, Laurent Joyeux, Jonas Etzold, Paul Grimm, Athanasios Mademlis, Sotiris Malassiotis, Petros Daras, Apostolos Axenopoulos, Dimitrios Tzovaras
51 PythiaSearch -- A Multiple Search Strategy-supportive Multimedia Retrieval System.
David Zellhöfer, Maria Bertram, Thomas Böttcher, Christoph Schmidt, Claudius Tillmann, Ingo Schmitt
72 Cluster-based Photo Browsing and Tagging on the Go.
Symeon Papadopoulos, Juxhin Bakalli, Yiannis Kompatsiaris, Emmanouil Schoinas
78 Mobile Image Browsing on a 3D Globe.
Klaus Schoeffmann, Gerald Schaefer, Marco Hudelist, Manfred del Fabro
87 Categorization of a collection of pictures into structured events.
Riccardo Mattivi, Jasper Uijlings, Francesco De Natale, Nicu Sebe
90 Texmix: An automatically generated news navigation portal.
Morgan Brenhinier, Sebastien Campion, Guillaume Gravier
122 Supporting Browsing of User Generated Video on a Tablet.
Frank Hopfgartner, David Scott, jinlin Guo, Yang Yang, Cathal Gurrin, Alan Smeaton
128 World Seer : A Realtime Geo-Tweet Photo Mapping System.
Keiji Yanai
134 Image Exploration Using Online Feature Extraction and Reranking.
Jakub Lokoc, Tomas Grosup, Tomas Skopal
169 Active learning of custom sound taxonomies in unstructured audio data.
Gerard Roma, Jordi Janer, Perfecto Herrera


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