Kitchen Curtains – How To Choose The Right One?

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Home Decor: Kitchen CurtainsAn essential element in finishing off your kitchen decoration is kitchen curtains. With regards to to selecting curtains, your kitchen is the room where you’ve the most versatility. Framing your kitchen windows with the suitable window treatment makes a big difference in the look and feel of the kitchen. It just depends upon your taste, the size and location of your windows, as well as the theme of your kitchen. Following are a few tips for kitchen curtains that will help you in making the best selection.
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Theme and Style

The theme of your kitchen area is one important factor to be considered when choosing window curtains. Purchasing what appears attractive isn’t enough, it’s also essential to make sure that every single piece of decor or furnishing that you choose to decorate your kitchen goes well with the overall theme of your kitchen. If you’ve adorned the kitchen in the country style, then do not purchase modern age design curtains. Choose window treatments with tab tops to get a modern and casual look, or pinch-pleat drapes for a classical look.

Short length window curtains usually are best for the casual style in a kitchen. On the other hand, full-length curtains can be suitable if you’ve a window near the dining area. If you need some privacy, then you can choose a cafe type of curtain for your kitchen.


Draw focus to your kitchen windows using a solid colored drape that contrasts with the walls. Give an elegant look to the windows by picking a neutral, solid color and a luxurious look without frills. If you’ve a lively wallpaper, then choose solid colored drapes, or simply make your windows noticeable against the neutral walls by selecting patterned curtains.


Well, it is not just about the color, but the fabric is of equal significance. If you’d like to block the way for sun light, then its preferable to get a dark and heavy material window curtain. The negative factor about these types of window treatments is that, they make your kitchen appear smaller. Alternatively, light colored curtains make your kitchen look more spacious. Additionally, it’s pretty simple to clean the light fabric curtain, as they do not have much of weight. Materials for curtains needs to be airy and light, as these kinds of fabrics will likely not trap odors like more heavy fabrics. So, after evaluating your needs, make the right choice of kitchen curtains.

Material of the rod

As solid wood is a material very prone to changes in temperatures and humidity, it isn’t suitable for being a part of your kitchen curtains, as fumes and vapors can affect the woods to a greater extent. Therefore iron or aluminium rod is the perfect choice for your kitchen.

Fabrics hanging over the cooking area can be dangerous. Think about whether window curtains are a risk-free option particularly if you’ve a window close to a pan. Instead, use a simple roller window blind that can stay very well away from the hot pans or flames.

By using these above tips, you can make your kitchen decoration more inviting and appealing.

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