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pipe insulationInsulation broadly refers to building insulation. Most of the insulation in buildings is for thermal purposes, but the term also includes various other kinds of insulation that is needed in buildings and service industries. These may refer to fire insulation, pipe insulation, acoustic insulation and impact insulation.

LGP Insulation, Melbourne offers insulation to these structures. They have a highly qualified team of pipe laggers. These laggers specialise in heating and cooling insulation, soundlag 4525c and cladding to food, mechanical and wine industries.

The services offered by LGP Insulation are as explained below:

  • Heating and Cooling Insulation – Insulation basically refers to a barrier that prevents heat gain and heat loss. This is predominant in walls and floors, roofs and ceilings. It is one of the cheapest methods to make your house energy efficient. Insulation will keep your rooms cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Your savings could amount up to 40% of your cooling and heating bills. LGP Insulation can insulate your structure by means of chilled water, steam and hot water. Insulation will significantly reduce reliance on cooling and heating systems, along with lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

LGP Insulation ensures that the insulation in your structure is installed correctly meeting the Australian Standards. You will be guaranteed electrical and fire safety. LGP installers ensure that the thermal insulation in roof spaces is free of any electrical fitting.

  • Soundlag 4525c – This is a pipe wrap which comprises of 5.0 kg/flexible barrier bonded to a flexible convoluted foam of about 25 mm. It is basically used to provide acoustic decoupling. This decoupling is in between the 5 kg flexible acoustic barrier external wrap and the pipe’s noise energy. The aluminium foil bonded to the external face of the barrier provides fire resistant covering. LGP Insulation specialises in soundlag 4525c, which provides superior performance and also allows small pipes to be lagged efficiently.
  • Cladding – Cladding is defined as the process wherein one material is applied over another to form a skin or layer that eventually controls infiltration of weather elements try. It can also be done for aesthetic appeal. One should be clear about the fact that cladding does not provide waterproofing, but only acts as a control element. LGP Insulation members extend cladding application to mechanical and food service industries.
  • Acoustic Insulation of Waste Pipes – LGP’s team of experts also soundproof waste drainage pipes. This can be done by wrapping the pipe with FT55AL pipe wrap. It should overlap at joints. For aesthetic purposes you can box this pipe section in double plasterboard sheets on a timbre frame. More number of wrapping material can be used for improved effect. For this purpose use right angle bends.

LGP Insulation has been providing insulation to buildings and service industries for about 20 years in Victoria. They stand tall with a solid track record of delivering quality workmanship, which is both time and cost effective. Being an EBA listed company allows them to take up any project sizes. So whether you have a small or a large establishment, you know LGP Insulation will meet your requirements.

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