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Designing a house of their own choice is a dream that most people in the world have. But for having a unique interior design, you must hire renowned professional interior designers of Christopher Elliot Design in Melbourne. They have high experience of 20 years in the field of interior designing. They are mainly known for their timeless modern designs with excellent execution. Both international and local clients are attracted to Christopher Elliott Design. All the design processes are modified and services are managed efficiently by the designers of this company. They work with the group of industry and building professionals.

Services offered

  • Project and design management

The designers of Christopher Elliott Design are very proud of their work and the quality of services that they offer to all their clients. Sites are visited regularly by the designers to see whether all the jobs are implemented well or not. A project manager or builder mainly manages a particular project. But at Christopher Elliott Design, all the works are shared among a group of professionals. The scheduling of works or trades is included in the design management of this company. Budget parameters are also ensured to be maintained well by them.

A proactive project management philosophy is employed by the designers of Christopher Elliott Design. They visit personal sites, communicate individually and note down documents carefully to make sure that all the works are done properly. Highest quality service is ensured by them in all steps of a design process.

  • Project styling

A unique artwork portfolio can be created by the professional designers of Christopher Elliott Design to compliment your house. A site analysis is included in this particular service to identify prime locations for any artwork. The feel and look of a house are enhanced drastically by consulting with the clients about decoration and style. A collection of various objects can be personalised by them to improve the property of the clients. All the designers of Christopher Elliott Design are advised by the top most designers to enhance the beauty of their designs. Absolute stunning results are guaranteed by the amazing design scheme of these designers.

  • Window treatment design

Window treatments are often considered to be quite complex and problematic. An established network of suppliers is available with the professionals of Christopher Elliott Design. Seamless integration of window treatments is offered by them with the combination of latest advanced technology. Best and proper materials and products are selected by the designers for a particular job to match the nature of the project. Architectural opening is a very crucial task for window treatment design which must be started from the initial stage. All the designers of Christopher Elliott Design are highly knowledgeable and experienced in the interior designing industry. Selections are made in such a way that they can compliment the design, architecture and style of a house.

Contact designers of Christopher Elliott Design to make your house look absolutely amazing and beautiful with the professional touch of interior designing.

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